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7 Breastfeeding Tips For New Moms


The first responsibility you have to perform to nurse your child after becoming a new mother is breastfeeding. At the initial stage, it is tough for both the mother and the infant as both don’t know the right way of it. Therefore, in the first 6 to 7 weeks, both the mother and the baby learn the techniques and understanding of the need of the milk to the baby. This article gives 7 useful breastfeeding tips for new moms to help them.

7 Breastfeeding Tips For New Moms

Breastfeed Your Baby After Delivery:

It is very important that you do skin-to-skin contact with your baby as soon as possible after the delivery. Whether you gave birth to a child through C-section or through natural birth, you should breastfeed him. This contact will help you to establish a bond with the baby and to stimulate milk production. Well, it is highly recommended to feed breast milk your baby within the first hour of the birth.

Anticipate Your Baby’s Craving:

Few mothers only feed the baby when he cries with hunger. It is important for you to judge the baby whether he is hungry or not without forcing him to wait or cry with hunger. So, you can check this by repeatedly turning his head up, open and close his mouth, and see is he sucking the things available in his surroundings. If he is doing all this, it means he is hungry. Thus, don’t wait for his cry, just offer him the milk.

Let The Baby Decide How Long To Nurse:

A baby needs his requirement of the milk, therefore, let him decide how long and often he needs to be nursed. Don’t worry if your nursing times last for a long time or it lasts for just a few minutes leave it on the baby. Don’t wake your baby for the breastfeeding thinking that 3 to 4 hours are past and he must be hungry. If he will feel hunger, he will wake up.

Get In A Comfortable Posture While Feeding:

It is also very important to sit or lay down in a comfortable posture while breastfeeding your baby. As it will take some time, the uncomfortable posture will make you uncomfortable and can cause the pain of back, shoulder, and neck.

Take Care Of Your Skin:

Your breast skin is very sensitive and needs your attention especially in the breastfeeding days. With the breastfeeding, your skin becomes irritated, cracked, or dry and can cause the pain specifically while feeding the baby. So, take care of this by washing, and cleaning it with a soft piece of cloth and use a moisturizing lotion on the skin.

Drink Water A Lot:

It is quite essential for you to drink water a lot and stay hydrated. Water is good for the health of your body and skin. Therefore, you must remember that you are still drinking for two, one for yourself and second for your baby.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Leaking:

If the milk is leaking from your breast, you don’t need to panic or afraid, it is a natural thing. It can be happened due to various normal reasons in the first few weeks. So, don’t worry. After a few weeks, when your baby starts nursing properly the leakage ends naturally.

7 Breastfeeding Tips For New Moms

Bottom Line:

Breastfeeding is very important to the baby’s health. Thus, it is very important to feed your child in a proper way. It plays a significant role in his nourishment and growth.

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