Pregnancy - The Beautiful And Life-Changing Journey -

Pregnancy – The Beautiful And Life-Changing Journey


Going through various natural beauties, one most attractive blessing is being a parent. Pregnancy is the first step to parenthood. Though being a parent is tough and exhausting, being pregnant is extremely challenging yet beautiful. A woman has to bear so much from the first day of her pregnancy but a single sight of her newborn baby can vanish all the painful moments. So, read more on this beautiful phase of a woman’s life.

Pregnancy – The Beautiful And Life-Changing Journey

Stages Of Pregnancy And Things You Need To Know

After missing periods, a question arises to your mind that am I pregnant? Missed periods are the first sign of getting pregnant, but there might be some other reasons for that too. Therefore, you must go for a blood or urine test. The positive pregnancy test is the start of your blessed journey.

Usually, full-term pregnancy is of 40 weeks. But the birth can take place before and after the due date.

First trimester: The first trimester is the start of all the symptoms and mood swings along with the development of baby organs.

Second trimester: Then, the second semester comes, which prepares your body and keeps changing in it with the movements of your baby.

Third trimester: Finally, the last semester which is a bit more challenging and painful with that big fat bump. Everything would be harder than before even to sit or bend because the baby keeps growing. Walking and different labor exercises are must things you should do as these are extremely helpful steps towards the final procedure, birth.

Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Having babies isn’t as easy as you imagine and so the process of being pregnant. The list of pregnancy symptoms is long enough to mention. Everyone has different symptoms that also vary from body to body. However, below are some common symptoms that may help you recognize your pregnancy.

  • Headache
  • Missed periods
  • Back and body pain
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Nausea and vomits
  • Spotting
  • Mood swings
  • Stomach issues
  • Breast tenderness
  • Heartburn
  • Excessive vaginal discharge
  • Weight gain
Pregnancy – The Beautiful And Life-Changing Journey

Pregnancy And Related Infections

There are different types of infections that can take place in the uterus in pregnancy. These infections may hurt you even more. The medicines to end such infections are harmful to your baby, so it’s better to take care of and prevent such uterus infections.

Healthy Diet Leads To Healthy Pregnancy

Some factors are really effective for your baby’s health. Considering the diet plan throughout your pregnancy would be beneficial for you and your baby. So, having enough vegetables and fruits and a good intake of milk and other vitals are a must.

Exercises And Consultation

Consulting your doctor or midwife is necessary before starting any of the diet or exercise plans. These exercises are a gem in your last trimester for easy labor period.

Pregnancy is way harder if you are diagnosed with complications but a good doctor will help you out. When you go through all these phases your newborn baby then finally arrives in your arms and there you go. Start of parenthood and end of the most adorable and precious journey. Giving birth is hell exhausting and painful but having your little one after that is what you need to recharge yourself with.

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