The Best Guide For Conceiving A Baby Boy - The Best Guide For Conceiving A Baby Boy -

The Best Guide For Conceiving A Baby Boy

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Are you wishing to conceive a baby boy? If so, followings are the few natural and traditional methods used to conceive a boy. Mostly couples that giving birth to a healthy baby is important to know these ways. However, in a recent survey, approx. 80% of parents showed gender preferences.

The Shettles method is tried by many parents to conceive a boy. Well, there are many techniques that influence the gender of your child by having a clear understanding. However, in this method, the success rate is 70% to 90%. The Shettles method study revolves around the features of sex chromosomes carried by a man’s sperm.

The Best Guide For Conceiving A Baby Boy

How The Shettles Method Can Help In Conceiving A Boy?

Ovulation Time Period:

According to the Shettles Method, during ovulation days, sexual interaction will help a lot in conceiving a baby boy. According to this theory, X sperm is slow and can easily beat by Y sperm to make an egg a fertilized egg. So for this, it is very important and helpful for you to mark your ovulation time period if you really want to conceive a boy.

Following are useful ways to remember your ovulation time period:

  • By remembering your menstrual date.
  • By Inspecting your cervical mucus regularly.
  • Taking a frequent reading of your body temperature.
  • By downloading the ovulation application or by maintaining the ovulation calendar.
  • By observing your LH surge.

Helpful Sexual Positions:

As you know female sperms are stronger than male sperms, so for that “doggie style” or any other sex position that includes deep penetration is considered ideal.

By following these positions, male sperms will be dropped closer to the cervix and will give a big advantage in conceiving a baby boy. Thus, it is often said that during sex if the man is on top, there are more chances to conceive a boy. While if the woman is on top during love-making, there are more chances of a baby girl.

Make Adjustments In Diet Plan

PH level also plays an important role in conceiving a baby boy. Therefore, you should check the PH level on a regular basis. The PH level of virginal significantly affects the sperms that will produce a boy or girl. The male sperms are fragile and can’t live for long in an acidic environment; they will start to decline. So, if you need to conceive a boy, you need to raise alkaline levels in your body. It is only possible if you adopt or add a few things in your diet plan.

Adjustments in your diet and addition in consumption sodium and potassium will change PH levels in your body.

Following are a few useful foods to eat:

  • Fresh fruits and  vegetables
  • unsweetened yogurt and milk
  • beans and lentils
  • Herbal teas
  • Many herbs and spices
The Best Guide For Conceiving A Baby Boy

How Can A Man Help His Partner?

The PH of the male partner does not affect in conceiving a baby boy, but the woman’s PH plays a role in the gender of the baby. The male’s history or his diet has no influence on the gender of the baby.

Final Words

A man should support his wife by taking care of her diet plan, also search about the Shettles method and help her in following it. As well, it is better to wait for the right time for making out and to understand the right sexual positions which help in conceiving a baby boy. According to one more study, if a man drinks coffee before sex, it activates his Y (male) chromosomes.

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